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Your #1 HPL Manufacturer
More than 20 years of providing one-stop HPL sheet solutions for all industries. Bosin is dedicated to providing custom solutions to satisfy your diverse requirements.
Your #1 HPL Manufacturer
More than 20 years of providing one-stop HPL sheet solutions for all industries. Bosin is dedicated to providing custom solutions to satisfy your diverse requirements.
HPL Sheet for Any Area
Customized high pressure laminated sheet for different place, over 1000 surface desgn, get a free sample now.
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High Pressure Laminated Specialist

Bosin is a professional HPL sheet manufacturer in China with more than 10 years of experience in the industry. We are committed to meeting all customer’s requirements by providing custom options, excellent services, high-quality products, and competitive prices. Each surface laminate is designed with durability and longevity. Rest assured that we can provide one-stop solutions to different industries including home, hospitality, healthcare, and more.


Bosin HPL Features

Our diverse range of HPL solutions includes both traditional and contemporary designs. We also manufacture them with outstanding craftsmanship and visual appeal. Choose from our wide selection of HPL sheets with long-lasting and functional features.

Fire Proof
Abrasion Resistance
Impact Resistant
Anti Static
Anti Bacteria
Heart Resistant
Easy to Clean
Easy to Process
Perfect Decoration


As an expert manufacturer, you can be assured that we provide a one-stop solution for all your application needs. Each HPL sheet is tailored based on your specific requirements.


Why You Can Trust Bosin

1000+ clients have trusted Bosin because of our superior production capabilities and excellent after-sales services.

20 Years Experience
We have over 20 years of experience in manufacturing HPL sheets, assuring you quality products and durability.
Bosin manufactures HPL sheets according to international standards including CE, NSF, ISO-45001, ISO-9001, and more.
High Manufacturing Capacity
Our factory is well-equipped with advanced production technology, guaranteeing millions of production output per year.
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Frequently Asked Questions

We have a list of questions and relevant answers prepared for you. If your question is not answered below, you can contact us directly.

What is The Payment Method?

We accept payment through Western Union, D/A, L/C, and T/T.

What is The Lead Time?

All HPL orders manufactured in our factory comes with two weeks lead time.

What are the HPL Sizes Do You Provide?

We offer a wide selection of HPL sizes including 30×96”, 36×120”, 60×144”, and more. Custom sizes are also available.

What HPL Finish Option Do You Provide?

You can choose from #60 matte finish, #95 chemical resistant finish, #96 finish, and more. We also provide polished, anodized, brushed, embossed, matte, and patterned finish. Custom option finish is also available.

What HPL Thickness Do You Offer?

We provide broad selection of HPL thickness selection including 0.8mm, 1.22mm, 1.5mm, and more. Custom thickness is also available.


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