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Exterior HPL Sheet

Exterior HPL Sheet

Exterior HPL Sheet

High-pressure laminates for exterior applications are popular for their aesthetics and protection. Even in the most demanding external applications, Bosin HPL sheets still exhibit unmatched durability and reliability.

Superior UV resistance, waterproof surface, and temperature resistance make high-pressure laminate sheets the best material for outdoor applications such as wall cladding.

Depending on your unique outdoor application requirements, Bosin team will help you analyze the environmental situations and subsequently choose the best HPL sheet for exterior use.

Features of the Best Exterior HPL Sheet

Bosin HPL sheets for exterior applications are manufactured according to ISO 4586-3:2018, EN 438-6, and NEMA LD 3:2005 among other safety requirements. Therefore, it is imperative to outline where you want to use the exterior HPL sheets to get the best grade.

The HPL for exterior applications is known for:

  • Resistant to both low and high temperature
  • Dimensional stability in fluctuating temperature conditions
  • Resistance to mechanical stress and deformation
  • UV resistance
  • Scratch resistance
  • Impervious to moisture or water
  • Anti-fingerprint properties

In addition to these functional features, every Bosin HPL sheet for exterior use features the best decorative elements. Normally, these features determine the exterior HPL sheet price.

Examples of HPL in Exterior Application

For a practical approach, when choosing high-pressure decorative laminate for exterior uses, it is important to consider these four main classifications:

Using HPL Sheets in Weather-Protected Areas

You can use exterior HPL sheets on sections such as wall coverings, bench surfaces, or wall cladding. Such exterior areas are not exposed to extreme UV, temperature fluctuations, or heavy rain.

HPL Sheets in Non-protected Outdoor Areas

Examples of applications include HPL exterior wall cladding, roofing panels, wellness facilities, playgrounds, balconies, etc. For such uses, Bosin HPL sheets for external applications are weather-resistant with improved mechanical strength.

External Areas with Non-Movement

Common applications include signs, sales booths, or wall partitions. Bosin offers many grades, from smooth to textured HPL sheets for external uses. The exterior HPL sheet texture, color, or finishing may vary.

External Applications Requiring Approval

Installing high-pressure laminate on external surfaces may require specific approvals by the local authorities. A good example is HPL cladding in a high-rise building. Bosin works with your team to customize the features and properties of the HPL sheets.

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