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Exterior HPL Sheet

Fabric HPL Sheets

Fabric HPL Sheets

Bosin fabric HPL sheets are high-pressure laminate sheets with unique surface finishes that resemble fabrics. These decorative laminates feature unique printed décor paper depending on the fabric pattern with melamine. Additionally, Bosin adds an extra layer to protect the HPL sheet fabric design from damage.

Depending on your unique requirements, Bosin fabric HPL sheets are available in many patterns. Whether you want our standard or custom high-pressure laminate sheets, Bosin helps you get a perfect fabric pattern on your HPL panels.

Let us know your unique requirement about fabric HPL sheets, and Bosin will design it for you.

Where to use Fabric HPL Sheets

Our HPL sheets with fabric patterns are durable, wear-resistant, scratchproof, impermeable to liquids, and heat-resistant. They are a perfect choice for any application where you want to incorporate fabric design concepts such as:

  • Furniture
  • Countertops
  • Wall panels
  • Floors, etc.

Whichever application you wish to use the HPL sheet with fabric finish, Bosin can be your trusted partner.


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