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Welcome to Our Factory

Please read our guidelines before entering our factory.

  1. We are providing all visitors with hardhat at the entrance of our factory during the tour. So please always wear them for your safety.
  2. Sandals, skirts, and shorts are not allowed inside. Please wear closed-toe shoes and long pants to ensure your own safety.
  3. We also recommend female visitors tie their hair up to avoid getting caught by the moving machines.
  4. Strictly no smoking inside the factory. We have a designated area outside the building for smoking.
  5. You should be aware of moving vehicles around the factory area. All pedestrians must walk on the side facing the oncoming traffic.
  6. Please ask the permission of our staff if you want to take photos of the factory.
  7. Visitors must not approach working equipment nor cross the warning lines.
  8. Follow all instructions given by our on-site security personnel during emergencies. Do not run or panic as it may cause chaos. Evacuate calmly and properly.

Enjoy visiting our factory!

Particle Board Production Lines

MDF Production Lines

Film Coated Board Production Lines

Plywood Production Lines

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