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Gate HPL Sheet

Gate HPL Sheet

Gate HPL Sheet

Using high-pressure laminate sheets combines durability, aesthetics, flexible designs, and cost-effectiveness in modern gate designs. By bonding Kraft paper containing phenolic resin, alongside decorative and overlay paper, gate HPL sheets offer a practical and modern gate fabrication.

Bosin HPL sheets for gates are available in many textures, color options, and patterns. You can easily customize the HPL gate design to your unique application requirements.

Benefits of HPL for Gate Panels

Fabricating gate panels using HPL sheets offers many benefits such as:

  • Fabricating HPL sheets for gate panels is easy and cost-effective
  • HPL gates are affordable to maintain due to the non-porous surface
  • HPL panels can withstand harsh weather conditions including UV, fluctuating temperatures, and rain
  • High-pressure laminate panels for gates offer a wide range of design flexibility
  • Dimensional stability ensures HPL for gate panels do not wrap

Our exterior HPL gates can withstand adverse weather conditions and rough handling. If you are planning to upgrade your gate design with laminate material, then consider Bosin HPL panels.

Gate HPL Design Options

Whether you are looking for slide HPL gates, swing HPL gates, lift HPL gates, or any custom designs, Bosin technicians will help in CAD design and subsequent fabrication.

Our engineers will help you choose the right HPL gate design depending on your climate conditions, size, safety, security, and aesthetic requirements. We have designed different grades of HPL sheets for gates with unique customer requirements in mind.

If you are looking for unique HPL panel designs, Bosin is your perfect partner.

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