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HPL Countertops

HPL Countertops

HPL Countertops

High-pressure laminates (HPL) protect your countertops or workbench from damage while adding the best aesthetic appeal. HPL countertops are popular for their superior anti-scratch properties, durability, anti-bacterial properties, and water-resistant features. They cover the entire countertop surface, providing optimal safety and protection.

Although HPL countertops offer superior properties, choosing the right decorative laminate is critical. That’s where Bosin HPL sheets for countertops come in.

Bosin has optimized every feature of the high-pressure laminate to offer the best performance characteristics and features. Ask us about HPL panels for countertop today, Bosin team is here to help.

Examples of HPL Countertops

Depending on the environment, there is a specific high-pressure laminate countertop that fits your needs:

HPL Kitchen Countertops

The countertops are water-resistant, virtually impervious, fire-resistant, scratch-resistant, with anti-bacterial properties. Consequently, the HPL kitchen countertops are easy to clean and maintain. Of course, they have decorations with wooden, marble, or natural stone finish.

HPL Laboratory Countertops

HPL laboratory countertops are both fire-resistant and chemical-resistant. They can withstand high impact, besides the ease of cleaning and maintenance.

Bathroom HPL Countertop

A bathroom HPL countertop is water-resistant and impervious. They have anti-bacterial properties, and non-porous surfaces hence easy to clean or maintain. The surface may have decorative patterns for your bathroom interior décor.

General Working Beach

From HPL jewelers’ workbenchs to workshops, these countertops are impact-resistant and meet the recommended safety features. The rust and chemical-resistant features make HPL the best material for most countertop designs. You may have anti-static properties for an electronic working bench.

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