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hpl sheet

Hpl Sheet

HPL Sheet

Bosin has designed high-quality, durable, and the best decorative laminates for a wide range of applications. Featuring unique designs and construction, Bosin high-pressure laminate sheet (HPL sheet) offers the most practical solution in the decorative laminate industry.

We have an extensive collection of decorative laminates, available in varying sizes, thicknesses, and finishes. To help our clients choose the most practical high-pressure laminate sheet, our technical team has designed a detailed guide for you.


Wooden HPL Sheet

Wooden HPL Sheet

Marble HPL Sheet

Marble HPL Sheet

Solid HPL Sheet

Solid HPL Sheet

Fabric HPL Sheet

Fabric HPL Sheet

Fancy HPL Sheet

Fancy HPL Sheet

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What is High-pressure Laminate Material?

High-pressure laminate sheet, also called HPL sheet is a composite decorative laminate made by fusing Kraft paper using a thermosetting resin to produce a highly durable solid panel.

HPL is one of the most common decorative laminates designed to offer timeless aesthetics and lasting elegance. It comes in different options and finishes depending on specific application requirements.

Why Choose Bosin HPL Sheet

Whether you are looking for high-pressure laminate flooring or high-pressure laminate cabinets, the need for durability, aesthetics, and exceptional performance remains a priority.

A reason Bosin has formulated the HPL panels with exceptional features for a wide range of applications. Whether you need an HPL sheet for exterior or interior applications, our laminate materials are known for:

  • Chemical resistance
  • Best anti-bacterial properties
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Resistant to heat and thermal fluctuations
  • Can resist abrasion and scratching
  • Resistant to water and moisture
  • Highly resistant to impact
  • Cost-effective solution
  • UV and fire-resistant

Thickness of HPL Sheet

Our HPL sheet sizes are available in many options. First, you can choose the cut-to-size high-pressure laminate panels. Again, you may opt for different thicknesses from 1 to 12mm HPL panels. The thickness of the decorative laminate sheets will depend on the specific application requirements.

Surface Finishes of HPL Decorative Laminate Sheet

Bosin custom high-pressure laminate comes in varying surface finishes. Depending on your unique requirements, you can choose varying HPL sheet textures.

When it comes to color options, there are white HPL sheets, wooden HPL sheets, or fabric HPL sheets among other finishes. At Bosin, we have over 200 surface finishes depending on customer requests.

You can get virtually all types of shades for your high-pressure laminate panels.

Precautions When Using High-Pressure Laminate Material

Although HPL material is one of the most highly sought-after decorative laminate, you should note the following:

  • Exposing material to extremely high temperatures may cause cracking, discoloration, or warping
  • For anti-bacterial or chemical resistant properties, choose specially-made HPL material
  • Always follow the recommended installation and maintenance processes

How Bosin HPL Sheets are Made

How Bosin HPL Sheets are Made

Bosin is among the first thermoset decorative panel manufacturers in China. Through extensive research, we have adopted a robust manufacturing technique to ensure quality and consistency.

This is how Bosin manufactures HPL panels:

1. Choosing Material for High-pressure Laminate Manufacturing

The key components of our decorative laminate include;

  • Kraft paper
  • Phenolic resin
  • Decorative material of paper/Ornamental paper
  • Overlay paper

In most cases, the amount of Kraft paper composition is about 60% to 70%. On the other hand, the thermosetting resin will be about 30% to 40%. Kraft paper is the main material that determines the thickness of decorative laminated material.

Usually, the overlay paper adds other desirable properties of high-pressure laminate sheet panels. These may include anti-fingerprint or anti-scratch properties.

2. Production Process

For custom high-pressure laminate panels, our clients will specify performance specifications and decorative requirements. Through this, Bosin team will choose a suitable number of Kraft paper and decorative materials.

  • Step 1: Choose high-quality Kraft paper and thermosetting resin (Phenolic resin)
  • Step 2: Stack different layers of Kraft paper to form the required thickness
  • Step 3: Impregnate Kraft papers with phenolic resin
  • Step 4: Cover the Kraft paper using decorative or overlay paper. Remember, this will form the outer layer.
  • Step 5: Under high pressure and heat, bind the Kraft paper impregnated with thermosetting resin. We maintain these conditions for the material to bond fully. On average, the pressure is about 1000 PSI.

In most cases, we add decorative paper on the top section. The decoration may include patterns and designs the HPL decorative panel should have. However, the bottom section may have a solid color.

As the curing process starts, the thermosetting resin forms a hard and plastic-like solid (sheet).

3. Quality Control in HPL Material Manufacturing

Quality control is an important aspect when manufacturing HPL panels. After manufacturing HPL material, our team conducts thorough tests to ensure they conform to the required quality standards.

Every sheet must meet the performance criteria. Besides, they also conform to the PEFC, ISO 14001, and EN 438 requirements.

HPL Panel Grades

At Bosin, we classify high-pressure laminate panels depending on application requirements. Usually, these depend on other functions of the panel apart from being decorative laminate. Our common grades include:

Standard Grade

We recommend the panel for general applications. It is one of the most basic decorative HPL panels with superior features.

Post-forming HPL Grade

The thickness ranges between 0.8mm and 1mm. We have designed the HPL grade for curved or round surfaces. Depending on the nature of the surface, you can heat and curve while maintaining the desirable properties.

Exterior Grade Decorative Laminates

The high-pressure laminates are optimized for outdoor applications. In most cases, this HPL sheet price is relatively high due to the modifications it requires. We have designed this sheet for better;

  • UV resistance
  • Moisture resistance
  • Better thermal or temperature stability

Other grades include chemical-resistant high-pressure laminate sheets and flame-retardant high-pressure laminate sheets.

Still, whichever the application, we optimize the high-pressure laminate panel to unique application requirements. For instance, you may have special-purpose HPL decorative sheets with unique aesthetic requirements.

Where to use Bosin High-Pressure Decorative Laminate

Laminate Countertops

Bosin HPL panels make a perfect solution for most countertops. Whether in kitchens, hospitals, laboratories, hotels, or healthcare. This is attributed to the anti-bacterial properties, thermal stability, chemical resistance, and durability.

HPL Wall Panels

Its durability, resistance to chemicals, and ease of fabrication make high-pressure laminates an integral part of wall panels. Water or moisture-resistant decorative surfaces are key considerations for bathrooms.

HPL Floors

HPL flooring is a durable decorative flooring solution. HPL floors can withstand high traffic and are easy to clean with exceptional wear resistance.

HPL Furniture

Available in many finishes and exceptional physical properties, HPL plays an important role in modern furniture construction. The HPL furniture features the best decorative designs and unmatched durability.

HPL Doors

Durability and scratch resistance make HPL the perfect material for doors and other related panels.

HPL for Interior Decorations

From kitchen countertops, and walls to furniture, high-pressure laminate offers one of the best decorative surfaces. These decorative laminates offer stylish surfaces with versatile patterns.

The specifications for your high-pressure laminate decorative material depend on the final applications. Simply tell us your application requirements – then Bosin team will help you get the best decorative HPL panel.

As a guideline, you can specify the HPL decorative panel, you can use this:

Specification Remarks
Material Type · High-pressure laminate material
Color · White, blue, black, etc.

· Many color options available alongside custom options

Finishing · Decorated

· Textured surface

Dimensions · 130 by 280

· Cut-to-side options available

Thickness · 1mm to 12mm

· Custom options available

How long do HPL Materials Last?

When properly maintained, high-pressure laminate material will serve you for a long since the material is durable. Depending on the quality of HPL material, they can serve you between 5 and 15 years.

What Much Does HPL Decorative Sheet Cost?

The HPL sheet prices depend on many variables such as design, size, thickness, and quality. For an accurate price estimate, contact the Bosin sales team.

Is HPL Panel Environmentally Friendly?


The material can be disposed of safely. Alternatively, you can reuse the material.

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