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Laminate Sheet Backsplash

Laminate Sheet Backsplash

Laminate Sheet Backsplash

Laminate sheet backsplash protects walls from splattering water, grease, or food particles. Additionally, the laminates decorate and ensure the walls are easy to clean. At the moment, the high-pressure laminate sheet (HPL) is a popular material for laminate backsplash application. Bosin HPL sheet for backsplash application offers both decorative and practical solutions.

HPL is a perfect backlash laminate material due to its superior waterproof, fire-resistance, durability, unlimited surface finish, chemical resistance, and cost-effectiveness. Whether you have a designer kitchen, or you want a sleek style space, laminate sheet backsplash is a perfect material.

Bosin HPL panels for backsplash use are customized depending on specific use. Tell us more about your project, and we will recommend the best laminate backsplash.

Applications of Laminate Backsplash


Countertop backlash protects the walls behind the countertops from splashes. The HPL sheet should be moisture-resistant and water-resistant. You can decorate the countertop backsplash to match interior decoration requirements.

Kitchen Walls

Walls behind your cooker and sinks are subjected to oily droplets, water, and heat. Therefore, kitchen backsplash panels should be resistant to moisture, heat, chemicals, and impact.

Washroom and Bathrooms

They protect the walls from excess moisture and dirt making it easy to clean the entire surface.

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