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Guaranteeing Quality on Each Laminate

Using Only the Best Quality Materials

All our laminates have undergone the strictest quality testing and inspection before leaving our factory. These are subjected to different testing for scratch resistance, heat resistance, stain resistance, and crack resistance. You can also assure that all laminates are quality tested using our ISI-certified laboratory.


Tissue Paper
Tissue Paper

These are specialized transparent tissue papers that are coated with a unique resin mixture and aluminum oxide.

It provides protection to the laminate’s top surface against external factors such as spills, abrasions, impacts, scratches, and more.

Decor Paper
Décor Papers

Bosin uses top-of-the-line décor papers that are highly detailed using state-of-the-art printers.

These décor papers are designed using specialized inks rated 6+ on the bluewool scale.

Therefore, all the laminates’ color fastness is protected against UV rays.

Barrier Paper
Barrier Paper

We use barrier paper for the underlay. It is a protective layer to ensure that the design’s clarity and depth are preserved for a longer period of time.

Therefore, the color will be prevented from darkening due to the Kraft paper under this layer.

Kraft Paper
Kraft Papers

The core of our laminates is layered with specially treated Kraft papers and a mixture of unique resin. Thus, it can provide better adhesion, better sanding, stability, balance, and high strength to the entire laminate.

Proper treatment of the core using controlled conditions will protect the laminate against fracturing and cracking.

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