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Table Laminate Sheet

Table Laminate Sheet

Table Laminate Sheet

Table laminate sheets are applied on the table surface for aesthetics and protection. So far, high-pressure laminate (HPL) is a popular decorative material best for laminating table tops. Available in numerous surface finishes, table laminate sheets may have a natural wood effect, marble effect, or any custom finish.

As a trusted decorative laminate manufacturer in China, Bosin HPL sheets for laminating tables are available as solid panels or flexible options. Whether you want to install decorative material on the table or laminate edges of your tables, Bosin offers the perfect grade and thickness.

For any questions or inquiries on HPL for laminating tables, contact us now.

Laminating Indoor and Outdoor Tables

Before you apply table laminate sheets to your furniture, you must know the intended applications. That is, whether the HPL laminated table will be indoors or outdoors.

Laminate sheets for tables are known for:

  • Exceptional resistance to chemical, moisture, water, heat, and UV
  • Easy to clean surface
  • Numerous surface finish
  • Impact resistance
  • Superior decorative surface
  • Protecting table surface from damage

If you want to laminate table tops or edges, Bosin will help you choose the right thickness, surface finish, and quality.

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