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Why Consider Laminates For Walls Rather Than Paint?

Whether you want to contemplate exterior or interior walls, the selection between the paint and laminate matters. This article throws light on why consider laminates for walls rather than paints. Sounds exciting? Let’s get started!

Top Reasons To Choose Laminates Over Paints

Here are some of the notable reasons to choose laminates over paints:

HPL Bathroom Walls
HPL Bathroom Walls
Painted Bathroom Walls
Painted Bathroom Walls

1. Highly Resistant To Abrasion

With laminates, you are not going to experience any scuffs or scratches. This is because the material passes through a tough process which makes laminate resist impact. Abrasion resistance adds to the durability of the laminates which makes them last longer.

2. Foster Convenient Maintenance

Laminates do not hold stains over them. It offers good resistance to stains which ultimately makes the cleaning process easier. You can utilize laminates in areas that experience higher traffic and spills.

3. Resistance to Moisture

Moisture cannot harm these laminates. This makes the laminates a premium choice for kitchens as well as bathrooms. You can utilize laminates in areas that experience higher levels of humidity.

4. Plethora of Designs

There are several design choices that exist when it comes to laminates. You can choose any texture, or pattern, to achieve a custom look. Multiple designs available in laminates add up to the aesthetics of the particular vicinity.

Different HPL Color Options
Different HPL Color Options

5. Easy To Install

Laminates are super easy to install. The installation process does not involve much effort. While for paints you need sufficient time for installation. You can finish the laminating process as quickly as that of paints.

6. Cost Effectiveness

You will experience a lower cost with laminates than what you face with the paints. Apart from this paints incur extra maintenance costs over time. This is not the case with laminates.

7. Better Ultra Violent Resistance

In comparison to paints, the laminates offer remarkable UV resistance. You will not experience any kind of color fading. This makes laminates maintain their appearance over time.

8. Incredible Versatility

Unlike paints, you can use laminates on any surface you want. These surfaces include plywood, paint walls, or even dry walls. This feature adds up to the desirability of the laminates.

9. Negligible VOC and Health Effects

You are not going to experience any kind of volatile organic compounds emission with the laminates. This ultimately contributes to better indoor air quality. It also ensures zero level of discomfort, allergies, irritability, etc.

10. Facilitates Insulation

Laminates ensure good and effective insulation. They do so by efficient heat absorption, this way you can experience maintained indoor temperatures. Indirectly lamination contributes to cost expenditures on energy utilization.

11. Environmentally Friendly

Laminates are the top choice when it comes to eco-friendly solutions. They are sustainable and support recyclability. By choosing laminates you can positively contribute to the environment.

12. Supports Customization

The laminates support personalization and customization. You can get them in any texture, design, or print. This way you can match the laminates as per your house interiors.

13. Fire Retardant

Laminates play a great role in preventing fire from spreading. You don’t need to worry about catching fire in their presence. This will help you enjoy better safety.

14. Add Up To Property Value

Laminating your house interiors increases the value of your property. You can make more by selling your property.


Clearly, there are many reasons why you should consider laminates for your floors as opposed to just painting. Laminate walls have many benefits as you have seen above.

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