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wooden hpl sheet

Wooden HPL Sheet

Wooden High Pressure Limanuated Sheet

Bosin wooden HPL sheets or wooden high-pressure laminate cladding sheets are our new innovative decorative laminates. Designed to add a natural touch, these HPL sheets feature a natural wood grain and color. You can hardly tell whether you are using a Bosin wooden HPL sheet or natural wood.

As an environmentally conscious company, introducing Bosin HPL sheet with a wooden finish is a perfect alternative to using real wood. With sheets of Kraft paper, thermosetting resin, and decorative paper, Bosin has made the best HPL sheets with an appealing grain structure.

Talk to Bosin today about high-pressure laminate with wooden finish and we will customize every panel to your requirements.

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Why Choose Bosin Wooded HPL Sheet

With carefully designed decorative paper, the Bosin HPL sheet wood décor sheet is functional and popular globally. This is not only due to the attractive and clear wood grain finishing, but also due to:

  • Toughness and flexibility
  • A range of wood grain collection
  • Appealing wooden grain structure on HPL sheet surface
  • Wooden grain structure does not fade
  • Suitable for varying temperature conditions from -30°C to +80°C.
  • Superior resistance to chemicals, moisture, water, scratch, and flame.

For the best wooden HPL sheet prices – Bosin is the trusted manufacturer in China.

Wooden HPL Panel Precautions

We have designed a highly functional and durable HPL sheet with a wooden finish. However, to benefit most from our wooden HPL decorative sheets, you should:

  • Avoid abrasive cleaners or chemicals since they can cause damage and surface degradation on the HPL sheet
  • Do not install these decorative laminates in extremely high-temperature environments
  • Follow maintenance and care instructions as stipulated in the use manual

Key Applications of Wooden HPL Panels

Our HPL panels with wooden finish are optimized for both indoor and outdoor applications. Being versatile decorative laminates, Bosin wooden HPL sheets are suitable for:

  • Flooring applications
  • External wall cladding
  • Furniture construction
  • Louvers
  • Ceiling
  • Canopy, etc.

HPL Sheet with Wooden Finish Specification

Bosin makes choosing the high-quality decorative texture wood grain HPL sheet for any application a simple process. From your quotation, Bosin team will recommend the best wooden high-pressure laminate material.

Specification for Decorative HPL Sheet with Wooden Finish Remarks
Thickness · 1mm to 12mm with custom options available
Application · Both indoor and outdoor applications
Material · HPL sheet made from Kraft paper, thermosetting resin, and decorative paper
Surface finishing · Different types of wood grain and color
Size · Cut-to-size options
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